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This is a great day for Sonatus! We’re excited to announce our new, over-subscribed $35 million Series A funding round. The investment will go toward fueling our global growth and further expanding our roadmap for the next-generation of software-defined vehicle solutions.

While the money is great, what’s most gratifying to us is receiving support and buy-in from an amazing group of world-class automotive and technology investors—including Hyundai Motor Group’s Kia Corporation, SAIC Capital, LG Electronics, Marvell, UMC Capital, and Wanxiang Group Company—with Translink Capital leading the round.

Their participation in our Series A funding round serves as a powerful validation of the company and our vision for the future of automotive. At Sonatus, we believe that Digital Dynamics are replacing driving dynamics as the new competitive differentiator—and with the help of our investors we are making this vision a reality.

The reality is that vehicles are becoming more technologically complex and data-driven than ever before. That means vehicles must adopt software-defined technologies to become what we call ‘data centers on wheels’. What was clear to our investors is that Sonatus is the right partner at the right time to help automakers embrace Digital Dynamics and build the vehicles of the future.

As I mentioned, our Series A financing includes a remarkable group of strategic investors that are enabling Sonatus to make a strong entry to the automotive ecosystem. Even though Sonatus is a new company relative to our customers and partners, we are not new to the market. In fact, our first-generation solution is already in production with a top global automaker. In the coming weeks and months, I will be sharing further details of this extremely exciting partnership.

As far as I know, Sonatus is the only startup in the auto space that has gone from inception to mass production with a top automaker in matter of two short years. This unprecedented accomplishment in the industry speaks to the tremendous combination of IT and automotive talent we have at this company, as well as the potency of our vision.

I look forward to sharing more news as we continue to help automakers rapidly innovate and unlock the full potential of software-defined vehicles.

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